SEO GRAD (For: Search Engine Optimization Graded Raised And Defined) is now live!!! We are massively looking forward to bringing people tips and help on getting the best from the world of search engine optimization and achieving quality results for their sites. We will be offering tips, insight and recommendations wherever and whenever we can in line with ethical practices for getting a website to number 1 in Google. Let’s face it there are no other search engines that really cut the mustard as the Big-G has a 90% hold on the world, so planning to optimize for it is the best plan both short and long term wise.

You can of course follow the advice of Maile Ohye who works for Google themselves. Whilst advice from her is indeed helpful there is a lot of stuff that is beneficial from other sources too. We are going to do our best to share with you the best of all of this as we can. Obviously things can happen pretty quickly in the SEO world and updates like FRED can blindside a lot of people. Obviusly with so much going on alongside our regular work there is a lot to take on, and we will do our best to serve up the stuff that will help you in the best way possible. There is much to know and much to be aware of, especially for those outside the depths of the industry and seeking a quality consultant to help them with their quest for better positions in SERPs.

We have all worked in search engine optimization for years and this is the beginning of our move out into the field of doing our own work. Everyone gets to the point where they wish to do their own thing and this site is the beginnings of that coming together for us. Thus our group “Search Engine Optimization – Graded Raised And Defined” or SEO-GRAD has been formed. We are hugely excited and as we generate more content and find worthwhile things to share with you we will add to and flesh this site out so that you can enjoy an awesomely useful authority resource that helps you to put yourself ahead in the rankings of Google and the elevated definition you desire. All of course through the power of ethical SEO and the goodness that comes with it. Through quality work amazing things are possible on the internet and we are here to help you with achieving them.